Monday, March 26, 2012

Astoria to the Worlds Fair Marina (13.92 miles)

Sometimes life can get between myself and my bicycle, and last week I had many things to attend to that kept me from riding.

Also, this was a much needed break from riding as my legs and body were nearing their limits.

Today it was more chilly than it had been recently with temperatures in the high 40's and wind's between 25-35 mph.

These are not ideal riding conditions so I decided to ride to a nearby stretch of MUP near LaGuardia Airport, running between the Worlds Fair Marina, and Flushing Bay. This short path offers some beautiful views of the bay, and the planes as they glide in over the bay towards the runways at the Airport. As you might imagine, winds near the waterfront were especially intense making for slow going when I turned back around, and into the wind, to return to Astoria.

Tomorrows forecast is much more favorable, and I hope for a good long ride in the morning.


  1. Great stuff man. It's cool to see what other people's rides look like and GoPro's are so powerful for that.

  2. Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. On a bike I've discovered parts of the city that many other native New Yorkers may never see. I greatly enjoy sharing what I've found.