Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My first Kickstarter Project "Bike your city." has been accepted!

As many of my readers and facebook followers already know, I took over a month off from cycling and filming due to a rib and shoulder injury sustained in August.

This forced hiatus from my regular riding, filming, and blogging activities, gave me time to create my 5 Boro Bike Tour Montage series as well as focus on ideas for my first feature film, "Bike Your City".

Bike Your City is a cycling advocacy film that aims to encourage people to ride near their own homes by showing them first hand how you can explore even the most busy cities and towns by bicycle without fear, all the while soaking in scenery you never would find on foot or by car.

Please take your time to visit my Kickstarter project page and watch the videos and read about my project in greater depth to decide if you would like to contribute.

Some unique rewards are limited quantity, so don't wait!

The short version of my promotional video for my first project on Kickstarter. Footage was shot on my first ride from Astoria to Governors Island. (Music is the song "The Carpet" by Chenard Walcker. Permission for use of this music falls under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:

Click the link below to help give this ride a Kickstart!

Donate to Bike Your City.

P.S. - 50 mile trip to Rockaways completed, filming is now back in full swing. Blog post coming soon.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

StreetRacks for Astoria, a petition for bike parking

I know the headache involved with bike parking quite intimately. Any efforts to expand the options for cyclists in any neighborhood is a worthy cause to me. When a friend posted this link to my wall, I did not hesitate to sign and share this petition, as it hits very close to home.

Owners of the Queens Kickshaw cafe realized the need for more bike parking near their business, and have taken the issue to their community in hopes of support.

The DOT requested approval from Transportation Community Board 1 but was denied.

Once enough signatures from the community have been amassed, they will be re-presenting to Community Board 1.

Please show your support for a more bike friendly world!

StreetRacks for Astoria