Thursday, March 29, 2012

Astoria to Fort Washington Park (16.28 miles)

My original plan for today was to cross the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, and head South along Route 9.

Once I arrived in Harlem I found myself working my way up to 157th Street, before cutting the rest of the way across town, and luckily running into the entrance to Fort Washington Park. Halfway to the foot of the George Washington bridge 2 road bike cyclists passed me a bit too close for my liking, and I proceed to follow them as far as the foot of the George Washington Bridge. Though the temperature was in the mid 50's, 25-30 mph winds made it feel much cooler, which likely kept some people away from the waterfront.

Heading back was mostly downhill with a tailwind, making for an easy and quick ride home. I'm glad I came upon this stretch of Greenway, and Fort Washington Park, as I believe it is a good way to get to the George Washington Bridge. I may take this route tomorrow if I decide to go the rest of the way to New Jersey, and South on route 9.