Monday, March 12, 2012

Astoria to Corona Park and Meadow Lake (18.79 miles)

This is a ride I have done more than a few times now, and has become a personal favorite destination.

Corona Park is huge, and has many great features for all kinds of sports and leisure.

For cycling you can choose to simply tool around the major arteries, or ride laps on Meadow Lake, or Industry Pond.

Meadow Lake is undergoing renovations and the paths around it are old, and in disrepair. It's o.k. for 1 or 2 laps but not much more until they finish the renovation. Industry Pond if more well maintained, and is a decent location for some laps.

After such a long ride yesterday I wanted to take it easy, and ride slowly. I took a lap around the lake and then traced some of the major arteries in the park. Some of my sights include the Worlds Fair Observation decks, the Worlds Fair Globe, Freedom of the Human Spirit statue, Billy Jean King Tennis Center (with shots of court 9), the scenic lookout at the top of Meadow Lake, the Rocket Thrower statue, the Queens Zoo, and Citifield.

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