Monday, March 5, 2012

Kissena Velodrome and the Brooklyn Queens Greenway (29.14 miles)

It had been some months since I had made the trip to the Brooklyn Queens Greenway, so I decided to make the trip through Flushing via Roosevelt Ave (not for the novice urban cyclist), to enter the Greenway at Kissena Park.

I had been through Kissena Park more than a few times but never made a point to locate, or try to use the Velodrome. The Kissena Park Velodrome is a recently refurbished 400 meter cycling track with a storied history linking it to numerous Olympic champions.

Upon reaching my usual entry point at Kissena, I took a brief glance at a map on my phone, and pointed myself in the general direction of where I thought the Velodrome might be. As I approached the end of a lane I saw what I thought might be a fenced circular area beyond some brush.

Video 3-5-2012 Part 1 shows my trip around the brush along some sports fields, arriving for the first time at the Kissena Velodrome. Some laps had to be done of course, 3-5-2012 Part 2, 3-5-2012 Part 3, 3-5-2012 Part 4. But, I did not want to stay there too long as my destination and turn around point (Alley Pond Park), was still more than a few miles away.

After a short pit stop at a relatives house in Queens Village for some fluids and snacks, I made my way back through the Brooklyn Queens Greenway, and Flushing, into Astoria once more. All in all, a beautifully sunny and fun (albeit chilly), ride in March.

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