Thursday, March 1, 2012

Air Force One (?) and the East River Esplanade (17.01 miles)

Police on foot, in Helicopters, and Boats; and the East River Esplanade opens below 80th street once more.

Making my way to the East River Esplanade via the 125th street bridge I encountered heightened police presence on land, in the river, and in the air. One officer I had encountered had initially turned me away (from crossing the pedestrian overpass connecting to the East River Esplanade at 125th street), but as I turned around, he must have got the "ok" to let me through, and did.

Upon reaching the newly opened stretch of the East River Esplanade (below 80th street) I overheard a police officer telling a pedestrian that President Obama was arriving in New York and that was the reason for extra security (see video 3-1-2012 Part 10).

The newly refurbished stretch of Greenway on the East River is breathtaking, ending with a sculpture park made of what look like roller coaster tracks, and other random industrial parts nestled in the stunning shadow of the Queensboro bridge.

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