Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Astoria to Bensonhurst (15.55 miles)

Today's ride was my first trip to my girlfriends apartment, by bike. Her place is (geographically) a straight shot South from mine, but I had to contend with unfamiliar roads and neighborhoods for most of the trip. My knowledge of Brooklyn is very limited compared to Manhattan and Queens, so I think this was a good experience. It will be nice when I know the route by heart, so I won't have to check a map. I think in a couple of trips I should have it down.

The general combination of Vernon Blvd, Pulaski Bridge, Kent Ave, Prospect Park, Fort Hamilton Pkwy, and 17th Ave worked well, and keeps you in bike lanes for more than half of the ride. Traffic wise, 17th Ave had some of the more belligerent drivers, and is fairly narrow. I won't likely change much from this route, and should be able to use a similar return route.

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