Friday, August 17, 2012

Bensonhurst to Astoria, my first fall in 20 months (15 miles)

First fall in 20 months. Purely a cosmetic injury. No bruised bones or connective tissue. I was able to tuck my extremities in before impact. No video today as I wanted a break from filming, I almost wish I had the fall on film though!

This happened in a bike lane along Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I was loosely holding my handlebars when I ran over some small but steep bumps in the pavement causing my front wheel to wobble violently, and before I could recover control I was falling on my left side. Some nice people stopped and asked if I was ok, which I was. So I took a bow and rode to Tony's Bike shop in Astoria to have my bike checked before returning home to wash up and dress my wound.

In talking to a fellow cyclist (named Ming) leaving Prospect Park, he said, "If your not willing to take a hit sometimes, you shouldn't be riding.". Very true, Ming, very true.

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