Thursday, August 16, 2012

8-13-2012 Astoria to the East Village (16.59 miles)

The trend of hot and humid weather continues here in New York. But I can only stay cooped up in my apartment for so long before cabin fever sets in. I promised myself a ride Monday, and decided to go to the East Village making a loop of the interior of Manhattan, via the Queensboro Bridge.

The cloudy skies kept some of the heat off, and the the relative humidity was low enough that perspiration could do it's job. Feeling strong I crested the Queensboro, headwinds were stiff making the already long climb, feel even longer.

I rolled down into Manhattan, and cut across town to pick up the bike lane on Broadway that would take me all the way into the heart of the Village, and right up to one of my favorite New York lunch spots, the original, Gray's Papaya on 8th Street.

52nd Street on Broadway, through Times Square, to 34th Street Penn station.

Upon arriving in the Village I was struck by the presence of the Freedom Tower holding sway over the brownstones. The Village is one area of the city that still resembles it's former self in some parts. I stopped near 8th Street where I could safely lock my bike, and ordered a "recession special" (2 hotdogs and a drink for $4.95), and had sauerkraut and a papaya drink with my crispy delicious dogs.

The East Village on Broadway, the Freedom Tower looms in the distance.

After gobbling down my lunch I used 8th Street to reach 4th Ave, where I could then ride to 26th Street to cut the rest of the way across town 1st Avenue where I would once again cross the Queensboro Bridge.

Upon reaching the entrance to the First Ave tunnel I noticed a man on a long board skateboard riding right into the tunnel! After a moments shock I began rolling and was able to film his decent into the darkness. Unfortunately the audio cut out and my commentary regarding the man's sanity was not recorded.

Man rides long board skateboard into the 1st Avenue Tunnel near the United Nations (no audio). I climb 1st Avenue to the foot of the Queensboro Bridge.

After my audio failed on the 3rd video, the 3 subsequent videos that followed were completely corrupt and unusable.

Next week I plan to ride my Six Bridges, Three Boroughs route again, and I will likely bring additional cameras to help capture the stunning panorama's.

*Edit: My first video seems stuck on "processing" on youtube and may need to be uploaded once more. My third video cuts out after a couple of seconds on youtube, even though it plays fine on my computer. I will attempt to salvage these videos when I return from Brooklyn this weekend.

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