Monday, August 13, 2012

8-12-2012 - Bike New York & Recycle a Bicycle @ Astoria Park 8-12-2012

Yesterday was my girlfriends birthday and we had a full day of fun planned. She had heard that there was an event in Astoria Park where some of the local restaurants would have samples, as well as other booths, and even a watermelon eating contest was to take place. So we decided to start our day of fun in Astoria Park.

We arrived a little after 1 which was the time that the small festival was to begin. Walking down to the first line of tents I noticed that the good people of Bike New York, and Recycle a Bicycle were on hand to offer free bike riding lessons and on site bike swap and repair. I was delighted to see 2 of my favorite cycling organizations set up camp so close to home and I took the opportunity to snap a couple of bike friendly photos as we made our way along the rows of tents.

The Parks Department was on hand, painting the feet of the Hellgate Bridge, taking advantage of traffic being closed off on the street.

A mechanic from Recycle a Bicycle performs a tune up on a children's bike.

Bike riding lessons were given on site by people from Bike New York

Bike rules posted by Bike New York.

Bike New York in temporary residence in my back yard, Astoria Park.

Myself and my girlfriend walked along the small tents set up until we came upon the tent for the Watermelon Contest that was to take place Later. Here I spoke with a a man at the tent named Tom, who informed me of the schedule for the different events in the park, and then we discussed rumored plans for Astoria Park and favorite local restaurants before we set off for Manhattan, and my our favorite Japanese restaurant in the East Village.

Walking to the restaurant I came upon the above scene which I then dubbed, "efficient bike parking". Hopefully next summer I can enjoy more of the fair and stay long enough to sample the restaurants that set-up booths later that day.

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