Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping trip, then Corona Park, Meadow Lake, and Astoria Park. (25.3 miles)

Before I could take a fitness ride today, I needed to take a shopping trip to the wholesale stores near my home. I have a large capacity duffel bag with a thick padded strap which I use to carry bulkier purchases. I roll this duffel bag up and slide it into my backpack, along with the locks needed for securing my bike while I shop. Once I have my purchases I put the small, loose items in the back pack which now goes into the duffel surrounded by the bulky items like toilet paper, and paper towels. Sometimes, locks included, I think the bag weighs in excess of 30 pounds. Thankfully the trip is 3.5 miles each way and doesn't require me to haul that heavy, awkward package over a long distance.

In the past, I have seen a man with a high quality camera in the area of the stores. Once back in November 2010, I actually took pictures of him shooting from the rooftop above Closeout Paradise.

Here was what I believed to be the same man, smiling for the camera as I leave the shopping center.

Once I returned home, I put my purchases away, and geared up for a 20 mile ride. I had not returned to Corona Park since acquiring the better video camera, and felt today was a good day to try it out there.

The ride to Corona was fairly typical, except for the random pack of children on bikes on 46th Avenue as I approached the entrance to the park.

Turning on 46th Avenue, passing kids on bikes, the Rockets outside the Science Museum, the geodesic dome.

Once inside the park, I rode through the Queens Zoo to the Corona Skate Park to see if I could film any good tricks.

Circling the Corona Skate Park, the kids show off some moves.

Arriving at Meadow Lake I find the "Self Transcendence" 6 & 10 day endurance race being run.

A duck stands quacking quietly at regular intervals.

Though it was windy, and somewhat overcast, moments of sunshine through the clouds offered some pretty skies.

Flooding near Meadow Lake, the sun shines beautifully partially obscured by clouds.

Circling the globe in Corona Park.

Skaters pull off tricks on a curb by the Rocket Thrower statue.

Circling the Rocket Thrower statue.

Skaters near the Rocket Thrower attempt tricks.

Swan statue, Billy Jean King Tennis Center entrance, and some Tennis on the nearby courts.

Leaving Corona Park passing the Science Museum.

Graffiti wall near Junction Food Market.

Passing large commuter, and young commuter, on 34th Avenue.

Chopper Mini-bike.

Before heading home I wanted to shoot one of my favorite Astoria locations; the Hellgate, and Triboro bridges, and Astoria Park, and it's skate park.

Ralph DeMarco Park, the East River, Hellgate Bridge, the Triboro Bridge, arriving at the Astoria Skate Park.

Skaters in Astoria Park pull off tricks under the Triboro Bridge.

Circling under the arches of the Hellgate Bridge, in Astoria Park before heading home.

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