Friday, April 20, 2012

Astoria to Rockefeller Center (12.32 miles)

Today I needed to pick up some presents for my nephews birthday, and decided to make a trip to Nintendo World to find some unique gifts.

This trip was basically the same route as my commute for my last job in midtown, minus the last mile or so.

Manhattan, and New York City rarely disappoint, and I enjoy seeing what Midtown has to offer, even in the thick of Friday evening rush hour. I rode slow due to high mileage yesterday, but I felt remarkably strong considering my efforts yesterday. Carrying both cables, and my U-lock is cumbersome but 100% necessary. Though I'm used to the extra load, I'm becoming more and more accustomed to riding with less on my back. Even so, I never skimp on security, and I've found a street sign right outside the Today Show windows with cameras looking on from 5 angles. Any standard perforated green metal post style street sign is fair game for a bike lock to my knowledge. This is now my preferred Midtown parking spot.

Crescent Ave, following a motorcycle towards the 59th Street bridge.

Cresting the 59th Street Bridge, and pacing a Roosevelt Island Cable car until it passes another cable car from the other direction.

Crosstown on 61st, first sighting of green Mustang.

St Patricks Cathedral, second sighting of Green Mustang.

The perfect parking spot.

After a mostly successful trip to Nintendo World, I packed up for the ride home. Traffic to the 59th Street Bridge was thick and mostly slow due to Friday evening rush hour. I was surprised to see so few people crossing the bridge on foot or on bikes as the warmer weather usually brings out the fair weather bike commuters, and the bridge walkers.

I will likely take the next couple of days off as the weather is turning poor, and I need some rest for my weary legs.

Crossing Lexington and 2nd Avenue on 50th Street.

Negotiating the treacherous stretch before the 59th Street Bridge on 1st Avenue, exiting the mayhem with the Lucky Strike Racing motorcycle man.

Rapid descent on the 59th Street Bridge back to Queens.

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