Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Astoria to Penn Station and Rockefeller Center (15.16 miles)

After a setting a new personal high mileage in a single month in March, minor sports related injuries, and personal obligations, have made the start of April unusually low in mileage.

This will likely be my only post for this week, as I will be in New Orleans until next Tuesday.

If possible I might be able to borrow a bike for a ride while I am down south, but I may not have the opportunity.

As I like to be an appreciative guest, I decided to collect a few gifts for my gracious hosts in New Orleans. I rode through Long Island city on Crescent Avenue, to reach the Triboro Bridge, and Midtown.

I walk my bike through Rockefeller Center commenting on the sights.

Still needing to print out my Amtrak tickets for my trip down south, I rode to Penn Station to find their Kiosks where I can print out my tickets. Once inside Penn I find a Latin Guitar duo who I record for a few moments, and then walk through the station.

Back outside on the street again, I walk past some skateboarders using some nearby steps to attempt tricks.

Soon, I'm heading back uptown along Madison Avenue towards Rockefeller Center again, this time I plan to lock-up my bike and purchase some gifts from the fine shops there. First I went to Teuscher for their exquisite Truffles. Then I went to Nintendo World to find my friend a unique gift.

Leaving Rockefeller Center, I crosstown on 51st Street to 1st Avenue, and negotiate the final tricky stretch before the 59th Street bridge. Once over the bridge I made a short detour to Tony's Bike Shop for a little tune up and friendly conversation, before heading home.

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