Friday, April 27, 2012

Astoria to Bensonhurst (16.7 miles)

Tomorrow, my girlfriend is a bridesmaid in her cousins wedding, so I made the trip to Bensonhurst once again. I plan to attend the wedding tomorrow, and ride to the New Amsterdam Bike Show Sunday from Brooklyn. This meant packing everything I needed for both events into my backpack, as well as my locks, just in case. All told, the pack probably weighs nearly 30 pounds, which is a lot, but not too much for the relatively short distances I will be riding.

Along the Vernon Blvd bike paths, there are signs which point towards the "Waterfront Route". Soon, I find myself deviating slightly from my route in order to enjoy some of the views, and I felt confident that I would not be lead so far off course as to become lost.

Waterfront route around the projects, exiting at Goodwill Park.

Queensbridge Park Greenway.

Strong Climb up Pulaski Bridge, NYC skyline.

After encountering some poorly maintained streets along this stretch of Greenway, I found my way back onto Kent Ave, and head South, to where I could eventually pick up Vanderbilt off the BQE service road.

Once on Vanderbilt, I continued South, winding around Prospect Park, and Greenwood Cemetery, until I reached Dahill Rd. I know that when I reach Dahill Road it means I'm in the last leg of the journey, and I can ride hard through here until I hit 17th Avenue, and after that, it's a straight shot to my girlfriends door.

Kent Ave, passing under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Statues at the top of Prospect Park.

Greenwood cemetery, 20th Street.

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