Friday, June 15, 2012

Astoria to SoHo (9.47 miles)

Today I made my first trip over the Williamsburg Bridge, and it was for a special purpose; to have my bike loaded on a truck that will meet me in Babylon at 6am tomorrow morning to be ridden 108 miles, to Montauk. The temperatures were once again in the mid seventies, and I left my apartment about 2:30 as loading time started at 3. Traffic was light as I made my way along my usual Brooklyn route, heading South. Approaching the bridge I took some shots of some interesting graffiti and stopped briefly to get my bearings. Climbing this bridge for the first time, I was disappointed to see that there were no convenient breaks in the fencing to get clear pictures of the skyline here. At the top I stopped for a panoramic shot of the view on offer.

21st Street to the Waterfront Route and Goodwill Park.

Socrates Sculpture Park.

Queensbridge Park.

Pulaski Bridge to Franklin Street.

Graffiti building near the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge

First time climbing the Williamsburg Bridge.

View from the center of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Loading my bike for it's trip to Babylon.

I am supposed to be at Penn Station tomorrow by 3:30am where I will eat and wait for the train that will take us to Babylon. It's already 9:30pm now, and I'm totally psyched for the ride, I highly doubt I will get any sleep tonight but I will try. I should have a full report on the Ride to Montauk no later than Monday, wish me luck!

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