Saturday, June 23, 2012

Astoria to Queensvillage (34.16 miles)

Today the heat finally edged off enough to consider taking a long ride out to Queensvillage along the Brooklyn/Queens Greenway.

I wanted to give the chest mount another try, but this time I used a better microphone. Filming with the chest mount is more challenging than I had expected, and I found there to be a lot of bounce when I'm pedaling hard. Also, I should have tilted the camera a little further back as I found the angle I rode with today faces down too much. Considering all of this, I dd shoot some decent footage of my route.

I started out in the warm midday afternoon sun and made my way through Astoria to 34th Avenue and 108th St. Here I can travel along 108th Street Southeast to Forest Hills and the popular Austin Street area. I arrived at my cousins apartment stopping less than half an hour before turning around and retracing my route towards Corona Park.

71st Street and Austin Street, in Forest Hills.

When I left Forest Hills I decided to stop at the famous, Lemon Ice King of Corona for a small Pina Colada Italian ice.

Ice King of Corona, small Pina Colada flavor.

After enjoying this special treat on the corner, I decided to follow my sense of direction towards Kissena Park and pick-up the Greenway to head further East towards Queensvillage, and my fathers house. Riding along Corona Avenue I crossed an overpass and followed the Grand Central a short ways to another overpass at 64th Road that took me to Meadow Lake. Looping around Meadow Lake heading clockwise/Northeast, I connected to Industry Pond where I found an exhibit called "Flock House Microsphere" by an artist named Mary Mattingly. I found an article here speaking about this sustainability project. One excerpt from the article described the project as, "....adaptable ecosystems that will migrate through New York City’s five boroughs and beyond as part of an investigation of sustainability....".

Pedestrian Overpass at Corona Avenue.

Pedestrian Overpass at 64th Road, to Meadow Lake.

Meadow Lake path.

Meadow Lake path continued.

The Flock House Microsphere at Industry Pond.

I rode further North to follow the Greenway signs around the Queens Botanical Gardens and enter Kissena Park and the beginning of the safest stretch of the Greenway which cuts through Cunningham Park and Alley Pond park, partially along the converted car-less old Long Island Motor Parkway lanes. Approaching Alley Pond Park is the steepest descent of the Brooklyn Queens Greenway, today I hit 27 MPH on this short downhill. Once through here the Greenway reenters the streets but today I was stopping at this point to pay a short visit to my Father. We talked mostly about my recent century ride to Montauk and a little about my recent minor audio recording problems and after a half an hour and a liter of water I was back on the Greenway. This time I would follow my usual route after Kissena Park along Bowne, through the heart of Flushing, past Citifield, and back onto 108th Street and the familiar route home past LaGuardia Airport.

Kissena Park.

The Greenway Trail through St Francis Prep.

The Greenway through Cunningham Park.

Rapid Descent along the old Long Island Motor Parkway through Alley Pond Park.

Long Island Motor Parkway, now heading West.

Passing St Francis Prep on the return trip, now heading West.

Roosevelt Avenue Bridge to Citifield.

The crowd flows towards the ballpark anticipating game 2 of the Subway series at Citifield.

For my next ride with the chest mount I will do some experimentation and see if I can find a way to reduce the bouncing and of course I'll tilt the camera up a bit more too. If the weather cooperates with me Monday through Wednesday, I may have an opportunity to test out my cycle touring rig for a couple of overnights at Fahnestock Park.

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